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Antarctica - Flag
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Antarctican Dollar
The Antarctica Overseas Exchange Office Ltd., of Custer, Washington, has issued a most attractive and well-designed series of six denominations of souvenir notes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 Antarctican dollars to raise funds for variousscientific projects that will take place in Antarctica after the year 2001.

Maps, Books and Guides about Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica

Polar News

70South Polar News Resource

Raytheon Polar Services
Under contract to the National Science Foundation (NSF), Raytheon provides a wide range of science support to the United States Antarctic Program.

Visit The Antarctic Connection
The Antarctic Connection is an internet based e-tailer and information source for All Things Antarctic!?

The Antarctic Sun Index
News published during the austral summer for the United States Antarctic Program at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

General Information
Best Links to sites that will give you a better understanding of this geographical area.

CIA - World Fact Book - Antartica
The World Factbook is produced by CIA's Directorate of Intelligence. The Factbook is a comprehensive resource of facts and statistics on more than 250 countries and other entities.

Atlasgeo - Antarctica


Yahoo! Weather - Antarctica

Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen South Pole Expedition
Historic Expedition: Join Ann Bancroft (USA) and Liv Arnesen (Norway) in their quest to be the first women to ski and sail across Antarctica — 2400 miles, 100 days, 250 pound sleds, 30 degrees below zero.

Antarctica's History - Past and Present
Antarctica history is rich in adventure and science, yet human activity in the region extends back in time only about 200 years. In fact, most of what is known about Antarctica has been discovered in the present century.

Information on the poles through research, adventure & expedition.

Australian Antarctic Division Home page
Administering Australia's wide-ranging activities in antarctic and subantarctic regions is the responsibility of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), a part of the Australian Government's Department of the Environment and Heritage.

Australian Antarctic Division Library links
Australian Antarctic Division Library links.

Clickable map of Antarctica
Clickable map of the different territories of Antarica.

Earth View
Over the Antarctica.

Flags of the World (FOTW): Antarctica - flag proposals
Different flag proposals. There is no official flag for Antarctica — mostly because there is no government or other authority to adopt such a flag.
Ole Andersen, 20 Feb. 2000

Flags of the world (FOTW): Antartica - political information
General Information on Flags ,treaties , claims of Antarctica.

Gateway Antarctica Home Page
University of Canterbury Centre for Antarctic Studies and Research

Gateway - Other Antarctic Resources on the Web

Jenny G's travels - New Year '99.

National Science Foundation: Polar Research

Photogallery - Antarctica

Italian Antarctic Research Program.

Polar organizations directory
Scott Polar Research Institute. Directory of Polar and Cold Regions Organizations.

South Pole Live Image (AASTO) - The Automated Astrophysical Site-Testing Observatory

South Pole Observatory - Antarctica
The CMDL South Pole Observatory maintains monitoring programs in greenhouse and other trace gases, atmospheric aerosols, solar radiation variability, stratospheric ozone and meteorological parameters, and conducts field programs to understand chemical changes in the Antarctic region that might impact climate and global change.

South Pole Station

The South Atlantic and Subantarctic Islands Pages
The South Atlantic and Southern Ocean contain a number of small islands, almost all of which are volcanic in origin. These small dots of land in a vast windswept ocean are remote, and often inhospitable,but represent a valuable resource, as they are the only places where many rare plant, bird and mammal species can breed.

The Antarctic Dictionary
The Antarctic Dictionary, by Canberra based scholar Ms Bernadette Hince. In its more than 500 pages, the book covers the English spoken by Australians, New Zealanders, US, British (including Falkland Islanders) and others throughout antarctic and subantarctic regions.

Times around the world
Local times for Antartica

The Antarctic Treaty
From the juridical point of view, the Antarctic territories do not come under the sovereignty of any state.  Although territorial claims exist, they have been suspended
with the ratification of the Antarctic Treaty.

US-National Science Foundation - Office of Polar Programs
OPP shares in the vision and goals expressed in NSF's strategic plan. Enable world leadership in science and engineering; promote discovery, dissemination and employment of new knowledge; and support excellence in science mathematical, engineering and technology education. Polar research and the associated logistics activities make a recognized and visible contribution to these goals.

Virtual Antarctica Introduction
On December 10, 1995, TerraQuest's maiden voyage commenced as the expedition ship Livonia set out from Ushuaia, Argentina. Over the next two weeks, online adventurers from around the world followed the guests and crew as they sailed across Drake's Passage to the continent of Antarctica. With twice daily live chats and digital dispatches linked via Inmarsat satellite systems, TerraQuest made history by becoming the first commercial travel expedition to make live uplinks to the Internet from Antarctica.

Virtual Tour: Antarctica
Regardless of where you live or which country you work for, to get to the South Pole, you almost certainly go through New Zealand and then land at McMurdo on the coast of Antarctica on your way to the center of the continent and the bottom of the Earth: the South Pole. (To just get to Antarctica, of course, you need not go through New Zealand, but to get to the South Pole, most people do go through NZ.) 

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