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Arctic Region

Arctic Circle
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Business Resources

Inuit Business Directory
The Inuit Business Directory (IBD) has been designed as a comprehensive, electronically searchable database of all Inuit-owned business enterprises in Canada. The directory has been compiled using data from the appropriate regional Inuit organizations representing each of the four Inuit land claim settlement regions of Canada.

Polar News

General Information
Best Links to sites that will give you a better understanding of this geographical area.

CIA - World Fact Book - Arctic Ocean
The World Factbook is produced by CIA's Directorate of Intelligence. The Factbook is a comprehensive resource of facts and statistics on more than 250 countries and other entities.


Yahoo! Weather - Arctic

Archaeology in Arctic North America
The northernmost part of the North American continent has seen some of the most fascinating human adaptations anywhere. These pages provide a glimpse of archaeological research in this region and its results, focusing principally on the Canadian Arctic where I've done the bulk of my research.

Arctic Circle
The overall goal of Arctic Circle is to stimulate among viewers a greater interest in the peoples and environment of the Arctic and Subarctic region. As stated on the Welcome page, this 'electronic circle' has three interrelated themes: natural resources; history and culture; social equity and environmental justice.

Arctic Studies Center
Congress provided funding for the Arctic Studies Center in 1988 as a permanent program for northern research and education within the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution. In keeping with the Smithsonian's mandate for the "increase and diffusion of knowledge," the Center is dedicated to the study of northern peoples, their history and environment.

Earth View
Over the Arctic Region.

Inuit Circumpolar Conference (Canada)
Welcome to the Canadian web site of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference. The Inuit Circumpolar Conference is an international non-governmental organization representing the Inuit of Greenland, Canada, Alaska, and Chukotka (Russia).

Nunavut WorldWeb Travel Guide
This travel and tourism guide will help you plan a successful trip to the easternmost territory in Canada's North.

Office of Polar Programs at National Science Foundation

The Nunavut Handbook
You've found it. The 1999 on-line edition of The Nunavut Handbook. Still the world's most comprehensive travel guide to Canada's Arctic — one of the last great eco-tourism and adventure travel destinations on Earth. Nunavut is the new Canadian territory that came into being April 1, 1999.

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